Welcome to the Professional Academy Cloud Bridge Banner


You will use the Professional Academy Cloud Bridge to manage the purchases you have made from our ecommerce system. You can choose when to active your distance learning courses and what workshops (if applicable) to enrol yourself on.

The next step is to double check the purchases you have made and then activate your courses whenever you wish to start your studies. Once a course has been activated you will be able to access The Refinery – the student members area where you find all the information you need to get started with your course.

Courses that have been purchased may also include face to face workshops. Once a course has been activated you can specify which workshops you will be attending and at what location.

Please book ALL your workshops as soon as possible to ensure you are kept updated on any changes and receive reminders well in advance to help you plan your studies. Booking a workshop doesn’t mean that you have to start studying the module straight away, it simply means you have a place secured. You can change/cancel your workshops if necessary, as long as you give us 2 weeks’ notice.

Once you are ready to start studying a particular module simply activate the module Tutor and that will allow you to communicate with your support tutor on The Refinery as well as upload your assignment draft/mock exam and receive feedback.

Your first step should be to login to this system.